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Why does the Print Flyer run off the right margin?

Printing from HTML is a little more difficult than printing a word processing document, etc. because we are not able to set absolute margins that will work for everyone.

If you use the Print Preview button, you will have more control over the size of the print-out.

After clicking the Print button, you should see a printer options pop-up box on your screen. If you click the print Properties button, you should have some printing options such as "Fit-to-Page", "Scaled Printing", etc. You might try experimenting with these settings to get your Print Flyer to fit on the page properly for your computer and printer.

In our testing with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and AOL, using the default display font settings for these browsers, our Print Flyer is not running off the right margin. However, we have had a few complaints of this problem.

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  • 04-Jul-2016