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How Do I Share a DreamHorse Ad to Facebook Group?

It is very easy to share a DreamHorse Ad with your favorite Facebook Groups. 

You will see a "Like" button and a "Share" button on your DreamHorse Ad.

Click the "Share" button to easily share an ad in your favorite Groups on Facebook.  Just click the Share button and type in the name of your Facebook Group.  This will provide a nicely formatted link to the ad within the Group and can easily be re-shared by others. 

By sharing your DreamHorse ad on Facebook, you can provide one centralized price, photo, pedigree and description of your horse for sale without having to worry about where you posted various specific information.   Your DreamHorse ad is located in a fully searchable database system instead of a simple date-based listing that gets old in a hurry.


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  • 20-Jul-2016