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Why do I have ads online that do not show in my account?

If you can see ads online but they are not listed in your account, this usually means that you have more than one account.  You may have created an account with a typo in your email address and then created a second account with the correct email address.  You may have created ads under an old email address and then created ads under a second account with a new email address.

When you have a change in your email address, please be sure to login under your old email address and edit your user profile to reflect your new email address.   Creating more than one account can cause problems.

Our site will not allow duplicate email addresses so you may get into a vicious circle if you are trying to change your email address to an email address that you have already created on another account. 

Please submit a support ticket for help with this type of issue.

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  • 10-Jan-2021