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How Do Auction Ads Work on DreamHorse?

DreamHorse is a classified advertising site. We do not handle horse auctions ourselves.  However, we do welcome horse auctions to advertise their auction horses on DreamHorse.  Auction ads should include the Sale Type of At Auction which requires a Sale Date.  With the online auctions we are seeing, this usually means that bidding is open through the Sale Date.  Check with the Seller directly for auction details.


If you want to see only Auction Ads in your advanced search, you can select the Sale Type of At Auction. If you do not want to see Auction Ads in your search results, you can filter them out by using the Exclude Auction Ads checkbox.  You can also choose to see only ads with a Sale Status of Not Sold Only.


After the Sale Date, we ask that Sellers mark their auction ads as Sold or update/extend the Sale Date.  If the Seller does not do this, then DreamHorse will automatically mark At Auction Ads as Sold 14 days after the Sale Date. 


If your horse did not sell at the auction and is no longer an auction ad, please edit your ad to reflect a different Sale Type, such as Normal and also set a price.


We have some auction sellers who will reuse ads by changing the horse.  We discourage this practice because it is very confusing to our users when other social media and Google links take them to a different horse than the link they originally found somewhere else online.  It also does not seem fair to us.


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  • 06-Jul-2023