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How do I get my Video on DreamHorse?

DreamHorse displays videos that are already uploaded to YouTube (or other compatible site which has EMBED CODE available).

So, if you have a video of your horse on YouTube, we can connect it to your DreamHorse photo ad! To order, go to your DreamHorse account and click "Order Photos" or "Renew Photos".  You can add a video to any type of photo ad for a small fee.

YouTube Sharing Options: On the site, you will need to have the SHARING OPTIONS for your VIDEO set to YES for "EMBEDDING" so that your video can be "embedded and played on external sites." The video must be PUBLIC or UNLISTED, and must NOT be set to Private.

We have found a few other video sharing sites that are compatible with DreamHorse. One of these is We need something called "Embed Code."

With this solution, we will simply be linking to an EXISTING video -- not transferring, saving, or modifying the video in any way. PLEASE, do NOT mail video tapes to us. Before ordering, your digital video should ALREADY be on the YouTube site (or other compatible site).

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  • 04-Nov-2017